Monnos Wallet Airdrop Round 2

Monnos Wallet Airdrop – Monnos is a Social Trading and Copy Trading platform focused on the cryptocurrency market. Monnos is a global company, with a community full of traders, specialists and investors around the world.

Monnos Wallet Airdrop | Step by step

  • Free $2 in Monnos Token
  • Market on profit.
  • Note: the balance is still locked, wait for the next info
  1. Download wallet
  2. Register via Email/Hp No
  3. Email Verification+Phone No
  4. Enter the username and enter the Mandatory Referral code “nugrahapermana67”
  5. Password
  6. Done

How to Claim 150 MNS

  2. Automatically login to telegram
  3. Click start
  4. Enter your monnos username
  5. Join social media (skip it)
  6. Done

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