Morpher Protocol Airdrop | Register and Get 1000 Tokens ($30)

Morpher is a trading platform and market protocol built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. We virtualize investments by rebuilding financial markets from the ground up on the blockchain.

This allows trading a wide range of assets 24/7, with unlimited liquidity, and no fees. Morpher is the first platform that does not require partners, intermediaries or custodians to facilitate trading.

More importantly, our mission is to democratize investment by making it available to everyone at no cost.

Morpher Protocol Airdrop | Step by step

  1. Register Account Morpher
  2. -Enter Email & Click Claim Tokens
    -Click Start KYC
    -Enter Email + Click Sign Up
    -Confirm Email
  3. Complete Verif KYC
  4. Checklist All Requirements
  5. Click I Agree + Click Allow
  6. Select Country (Singapore for Indonesian users) + Click Next
  7. Select Type ID + Click Next (ID = KTP/SIM/PASPOR)
  8. Click Here To Provide Your
  9. Click Upload A Picture
  10. (Upload Photo Home ID)
  11. Crop/Cut Photo & Click Continue
  12. Click Upload A Picture
  13. (Upload Photo Rear ID)
  14. Crop/Cut Photo & Click Continue
  15. Enter Full Name
  16. Enter Date of Birth
  17. Enter ID Number
  18. Select Country
  19. Click Continue
  20. Upload a Selfie
  21. Click Take Selfie
  22. Point Your Face Fit In The Circle
  23. Circle Zoom & Point
  24. More Face Fits in the Circle
  25. Click Continue
  26. Done / Done


  • For those who want to join, it is mandatory
    (Download VPN on Playstore)
  • Mandatory KYC Verification & When KYC Verif For Countries Choose Singapore, Then For KYC Data You Can Still
    Use KTP/SIM

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