MXC x Solana Token Airdrop

MXC and Solana review

MXC Exchange is a platform focused on blockchain asset exchange created by Wall Street, Japanese and European senior quantitative trading teams and senior blockchain practitioners through a decentralized self-organization.
MXC will provide users with more secure, convenient and intelligent blockchain asset circulation services, collect the world’s highest quality blockchain assets, integrate the world’s top security technologies and commit to building the world’s top blockchain asset trading platform. more here

Solana is a high speed blockchain, currently supporting 50-65k transactions per second and 400ms block times with 50 nodes on its public testnet. It is specifically built to scale transaction throughput without compromising on decentralization or security. for details please check here

MXC x Solana Token Airdrop | Step by Step

  1. Join MXC Exchange for those who don’t have an account
  2. Fill in the form and activate the account via the incoming email
  3. Set 2FA and don’t forget to save the code
  4. Click the link to the page giveaway
  5. Subscribe solana
  6. Follow Twitter
  7. Follow Telegram
  8. Study profile for quiz task (Optional)
  9. Go to page quiz (scroll bottom end of page)
  10. Answer the quiz correctly
  11. Finished


  • To make it easier I have summarized 5 quiz answers;
    1. Enter the MXC ID (email MXC)
    2. Enter your email again
    3. 59k
    4. Proof of History
    5. 0.4 Sec
    6. All Above

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