MyCoinTainer x BitcoinPoS Giveaway | Register and Get Total Reward $350 CPM

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A better future MyCointainer is a solution designed for everyone – newcomers and professionals alike. Our goal is to allow easy access to the crypto world. We want everyone to benefit equally from the rewards that come from various digital assets and as a result accelerate the rise of crypto adoption worldwide.

We believe that by providing our customers with high value, product design excellence and education, we can help society and industry to achieve a win-win scenario. We are committed to shaping MyCointainer to fit a “user first” approach. With that in mind, we are also very open to collaborating with new partners, exchanges, platforms, teams and entrepreneurs to participate in new and existing user-focused projects.

MyCoinTainer x BitcoinPoS Giveaway | Step By Step Join

  1. Click the link to the page Giveaway
  2. Fill in the registration form for those who have not participated in the Giveaway via and Confirm account activation via email
  3. Connect your social media accounts like facebook, twitter, and linked etc
  4. Do the assigned social media tasks
  5. Invite friends to increase the chance to get rewards


  • Participate for a chance to win 0.1$ CPM (worth $9).
  • Only 30 people will be selected.
  • Competition from 3 September 2022 to 20 September 2022

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