MyCointainer x Fusion Airdrop | Register and Get Up to 7 FSN (~$5)

MyCointiner X Fusion Review

MyCointainer is a solution designed for everyone – both newcomers and professionals. Our goal is to allow easy access to the crypto world. We want everyone to benefit equally from the rewards that come from various digital assets and as a result accelerate the arrival of crypto adoption worldwide.

We believe that by providing our customers great value, product design excellence and education, we can help people and industry to achieve a win-win scenario. We are committed to shaping MyCointainer to fit a “user first” approach. With that in mind, we are also very open to collaborating with new partners, exchanges, platforms, teams and entrepreneurs to participate in new and existing user-centric projects.

In order to welcome the listing of Fusion tokens into the Mycointiner platform, Fusion is holding a referral contest and also a random giveaway to 1000 lucky participants, Fusion itself is the Fusion Foundation is a non-profit organization that builds the next generation infrastructure for decentralized global finance. By empowering enterprises and developers with the open source technology they need to build innovative financial applications, Fusion facilitates a world of increased financial efficiency, accessibility and transparency..

MyCointainer x Fusion Airdrop | Step by Step

  1. Click the link to BOT MyCointiner x Fusion Event
  2. Join MyCointainer Telegram group
  3. Join FUSION Telegram Group
  4. Create an account at MyCointainer
  5. Follow MyCointainer , FUSION and Crypto Adventure on Twitter
  6. Like and Retweet this tweets
  7. Like and Retweet this tweets
  8. Join MyCointainer Discord Channel
  9. Follow MyCointainer on Reddit
  10. Finished


  • The event starts on 28/07 and will end on 25/08
  • Distribution will be 07/09 to your provided MyCointainer wallet!
  • 1000 lucky USERS will get 2$ FSN.
  • Minimum deposit $50 any coin in MyCointainer to get 6$ FSN

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