Nanodex Airdrop | Sign Up and Get 15 NNX (~$15)

Nanodex Airdrop – As Nanodex, we are working on Robot arm technology. We design robotic automation systems for use in factory production facilities.

We produce more economical, more ergonomic and more sophisticated biological weapons for amputees in the medical field. We will also work in the rocket industry in the later stages of this project.

Our work continues at full speed. For now, we are only producing prototypes and we will continue this study until we reach the target.

Then we will start mass production and ensure that our technology reaches everyone. We would like to thank all our supporters who stand behind this strong stance and our company and all our colleagues who provide us with opportunities in the field of robotic arm technology.

The Nanodex exchange will be active in 2022. and a free airdrop campaign is starting for this campaign.

The Airdrop event will last 2 months, and the prizes are for the first registration and full community assignments on all NanoDeX social networks. Participants will be rewarded as follows:

Nanodex Airdrop | Step by Step

  1. Register in NanoDeX & Confirm your email.
  2. Follow Twitter Us , Retweet and tag 3 Friends.
  3. Follow Medium and Clap last post
  4. Join Telegram Channel Nanodex
  5. Join Telegram groups Nanodex
  6. Follow LinkedIn
  7. Join ICO us (optional)
  8. Finished

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