Nazadax Exchange X Siambitcoin Airdrop

Review of Siam and Nazadex Exchange

Siambitcoin is an association founded to exchange information, provide knowledge, news about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, in order to celebrate the listing of Simbitcoin, Nazadex held a special airdrop event for new users.

Nazadax is a global digital currency exchange platform committed to providing the best trading experience, high liquidity and system stability with world-class security. It serves users all over the world with 24/7 customer service and multi-language support. All major tokens and an extensive list of trading pairs are supported. Nazadax offers various exchange services in one place consisting of spot trading, margin trading, OTC and IEO.

Nazadax Exchange X Siambitcoin Airdrop | Step by Step

  1. Click the link BOT
  2. join Group and Channel Simbitcoin
  3. join Group and Channel Nazadax
  4. Follow Twitter Simbitcoin
  5. follwo Twitter Nazadax
  6. Like Facebook Siambitcoin and Share pin post with the hashtag #sbtc #siambitcoin #moon
  7. Like Facebook Nazadax and Share Pin Post with the hashtag nazadax #exchange
  8. Register on the site Nazadax Exchange
  9. Submit your data and Done


  • Listing on Crex24 and saturn Network

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