New Curate (XCUR) X Buzzin

New Curate (XCUR) X Buzzin AirdropCURATE is a shopping rewards company that rewards users with free bitcoin cashback on all their clothing shopping and more!

Fashion brands and retailers have partnered with Curate to showcase their latest styles, increase brand awareness and increase their online sales.

New Curate (XCUR) X Buzzin | Step by Step

  1. Start bots:
  2. Join Telegram channel
  3. Join Telegram group
  4. Answer the captcha in the CURRET group
  5. Follow his Twitter
  6. Set ERC address ( erc20)
  7. Done/ done


Just email, no kyc and must complete the task until it’s finished

You can also swap CUR for those who already have Cur tokens before. Maximize it, you know buzzin bounty. (supply limited)

Don’t forget to join the airdrop search channel

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