NFT Oxygen for Indonesia Charity Auction Successfully Collects 222 ETH (10 Billion)

Tokocrypto collaborated with an Indonesian artist, William Tan, who managed to collect 222 ETH in less than 4 hours for the Oxygen for Indonesia fundraising through the first NFT auction conducted in Indonesia.

A charity auction held on Twitter Space on August 17, 2022 with the CEO of Tokocrypto, Pang Xue Kai, Chef Arnold Poernomo and Aldi Haryopratomo, the former CEO of Gopay, managed to raise funds in ETH equivalent to USD 700,000 or around 10 Billion Rupiah (based on current ETH prices). fundraising took place) in a very short time by successfully selling a total of 1024 NFT).

“We are grateful for the public’s enthusiasm for NFT. This has brought success through raising a very significant amount of funds and can even be used to buy 7 oxygen plants to increase oxygen supply in Indonesia,” said Aldi.

The funds raised were donated through Oxygen For Indonesia, a coalition created by the startup ecosystem in Indonesia to help fight the pandemic by providing additional domestic oxygen supplies. The Oxygen For Indonesia Coalition movement has a target to provide 10,000 oxygen concentrators which will be distributed to approximately 1,500 hospitals to be able to help 30 thousand Covid-19 patients in Indonesia in the short term, and 7 million patients in the long term.

Apart from the process of raising funds from corporations and the public, members of the Oxygen for Indonesia coalition also formed a team for the entire process from upstream to downstream. For example, there will be a team that focuses on procurement and imports, there will be a team that focuses on sending units to hospitals, there will be a team that focuses on the verification process and a hotline for users of donated equipment.

Pang Xue Kai, CEO of Tokocrypto said that the charity activity through the auction of the works in the form of NFT shows the great interest of the community and the community towards NFT. “This is a historic moment, where for the first time in Indonesia a charity auction in the form of NFT artwork was held. This charity auction is part of a series of TokoCare programs, a Tokocrypto Initiative to COLLABORATE and take action in various corporate social responsibility programs,” concluded Kai.

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