Nominex Exchange | Register and Get $10 Signup Bonus

Nominex Exchange Review

New trading platform for comfortable trading experience with low fees and many instruments. A truly unique affiliate program that allows to earn from an unlimited level of referrals, compared to 2-3 levels on all other exchanges. Unique model for free 2 phase distribution of native NMX tokens.

Advanced Trading Instruments – using Stops, Stop Limits, Trailing Stops, Scaled and other order types provides a kind of trading automation without the need to develop a trading bot, which allows you to earn more profit easily while trading.

Nominex Exchange | Step By Step Join

  1. Register on the site Nominex
  2. Click Get Started in the top right corner of your screen
  3. Fill in the registration form and don’t forget to check your email to verify your account
  4. After confirming, congratulations your account is active,
  5. Next up claim sign-up bonuses,
  6. To do claim bonus you have to do simple social tasks via facebook, twitter and also Vkontakte, there are some requirements there so you have to read carefully, bro!
  7. You must share using one of the 3 social media that meet the requirements of the Claim page, and after that click this for an example of how to share
  8. Send us a link to your repost/retweet to our online chat on the website and wait for further instructions on how to receive your bonus.
  9. Finished

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