NowEx Exchange x XFinance Airdrop

XFinance Project Review

Xfinance is a decentralized financial aggregation (DeFi) platform, which aims to build aggregated liquidity pools, leveraged trading platforms, automated market creation and other functional platforms. XFI is the equity token of the Xfinance platform. Users can earn these tokens by providing liquidity to the platform’s aggregated liquidity pool.

Xfinance’s goal is simple, the Jurong Finance platform that supports multiple DeFi agreements will automatically switch positions between agreements to help depositors get the highest financial returns. The benefits of the Xfinance platform are: Supports more currencies No human intervention based on data on the chain Unique liquidity mining rewards Switch lending platform dynamically for highest returns.

NowEx Exchange x XFinance Airdrop | Step By Step Join Airdrop

  1. Click the link to BOT Airdrop
  2. join Group XFinance Telegram
  3. Follow account XFinance Twitter and Retweet Pinned Post
  4. Join Exchange Nowx here
  5. Set 2FA for security and don’t forget to save the recovery code
  6. Do KYC to get bonus from NowEx
  7. Finished

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