Oasis Exchange X Anycoin Giveaway

Oasis Exchange and Anycoin Review

Oasis is the hottest place in South Korea to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, providing traders with state-of-the-art services.

Each coin aims to promote investment in the K-POP entertainment market through chain-based token issuance and trading, and to create a new direction in the entertainment market as a whole by playing a leading role in the new fandom culture.

Oasis exchange is collaborating with one of the new Cryptocurrency-based Multiplatforms, namely Tingsnine with their various platforms, one of which is the Anycoin token.

Anycoin itself is the coin reserve that governs the ecosystem of apps that Annie mines. AnyCllet is a wallet that allows users to make payments at online and offline merchants, and transaction details are sent to franchisees via AnyForce in real time.

AnyForce can check real-time payment details from franchisees and receive cash payments via settlement requests.

Anymining is a game centered on Anycoin, but various digital assets can be borrowed from the game. Annie’s mining and coins listed on the block, the Samsung Wallet chain, will be used as a medium for promoting various digital assets. In addition, it is used as an advertising platform in conjunction with offline digital signage.

Oasis Exchange X Anycoin Giveaway | Step By Step Join

  1. list Oasis Exchange for those who have not registered
    • Fill in the simple registration form
    • Pass the BOT test
    • Check email
    • activate the Oasis account by clicking the link
    • Finished
  2. Follow Oasis Telegram Group
  3. Submit data in Google Forms
  4. Finished


Token distribution will be held on June 25th

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