OILage Airdrop | Register and Get 2000 OIL (~$35)

OILage Airdrop Review

OILage is a decentralized global Prosumer Energy system featuring a dual token system for convenient and fair exchange of renewable energy between bioenergy companies (prosumers) and users (hosts). The platform includes OILage tokens (OIL) which represent platform maintenance and value, while POWer Tokens (POW) are tokens earned by OIL holders for host/prosumer transactions representing traded power value.

Once the project is launched, a number of business returns are paid out in POWER every quarter, commensurate with OIL held through snapshots. POW tokens will only be used for services that have earned legal equivalent value when undertaking an OILage project.

OILage Airdrop | Step by Step

  1. Click the link to BOT OILage
  2. Follow telegram group and channel OILage
  3. Follow twitter and retweet pinned post
  4. Subscribe to telegram channel promoter
  5. Follow twitter promoter


OILage is already listed on Probit Market

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