OKEx “Arms” Traders with Advanced Risk Management Through Unified Account Features

MediaAuthority.id – OKEx (www.okex.com), the world’s leading spot exchange and cryptocurrency derivative, has become one of the first major trading platforms to combine Unified Account management for its users, with an advanced risk management system that makes it unique compared to its competitors.

Also known as Portfolio Margin, Unified Account is an innovative product feature that allows users to trade on all instruments – spot, margin, futures, perpetual swaps and options – through a single account. Users can manage funds, make trades, manage risk management, and more from one place, allowing them to focus their energies on other trades.

OKEx will gradually roll out this exciting new feature to all its users starting today. The Unified Account comes with several additional core benefits that are unique among other global cryptocurrency exchanges. Special note, users can now trade with any instrument using all their assets.

So, if a user wants to trade ETHUSD for BTC (or any other asset), they no longer have to buy ETH first. This makes it very useful for traders who calculate their profit and loss in USDT. Transaction fees are also reduced as users no longer have to buy altcoins with BTC or USDT.

With three different account modes available, OKEx’s Unified Account feature is designed with all types of users in mind – from beginners to professional and institutional:

  • Simple mode: Serves spot traders and options buyers.
  • Single currency margin mode: Suitable for margin and derivatives traders who want to optimize their capital across all trading instruments, with the ability to choose cross margin or isolated margin with their open positions.
  • Multi-currency margin mode and portfolio margin: signed for the most advanced users of OKEx, including professional and institutional traders, as well as API users. The main difference with this mode is that user assets denominated in a different currency (if valued in USD) can be used as collateral.

The OKEx Integrated Account substantially improves user margin operations and efficiency, and supports margin sharing across spot trading, leveraged trading, futures trading, and perpetual exchanges and options.

At the launch of the Unified Accounts feature, OKEx CEO Jay Hao commented:

“We want all traders to have the best experience possible when trading on our platform, whether they are new to crypto trading or are experienced. With this new feature, each account mode is customizable and suits different levels of experience, making it possible to trade with different risk profiles. We have invested significant resources into providing a sophisticated and flexible product, and look forward to meeting the needs of our growing user base.”

Advanced trading features such as Portfolio Margin are not available on traditional exchanges such as the NYSE and CME, as they substantially increase provider risk. However, some major brokers and banks offer this type of service to high-income individuals who have more capital and trading experience to manage their risk more proactively.

Thanks to an advanced risk management system, OKEx is able to provide crypto traders with the same trading experience with an enhanced trading experience through Unified Account management.

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