OKEx Comes with Lightning Network Bitcoin Deposits and Withdrawals

OKEx is the seventh major exchange to add an upgrade solution i.e. OKEx crypto exchange support for Lightning Network Bitcoin is now available.

The Lightning Network is a second layer that works on Bitcoin to facilitate faster and cheaper transactions than the main Bitcoin network.

OKEx announced the integration in February.

“OKEx is pleased to announce that the BTC Lightning Network is now available on the OKEx website, enabling much faster and cheaper BTC transfers. Now, OKEx users can use the Lightning Network to make BTC deposits and withdrawals,” said OKEx’s press release.

The past year and 2022 have been the springboards for the adoption of the Lightning Network on various exchanges, which have added features in an attempt to lower deposit and withdrawal fees for clients when transacting through exchanges.

OKEx is the seventh major cryptocurrency exchange to integrate the technology. Others include backers of OKCoin, Bitfinex and River Financial, while integration of the Kraken exchange itself is expected this year.

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