OKEx X The Midas Touch Gold Airdrop

The TMTG token was launched in 2018 to enable trading between real assets and cryptocurrencies via the TMTG Digital Gold Exchange. Users can purchase tokens that can be redeemed for physical gold stored in the largest gold trading company in South Korea.

In the future, users can also trade other digital assets such as commodities and luxury goods. The total supply of TMTG is deflationary as TMTG tokens are burned periodically by converting TMTG tokens into real assets.


  • Total supply: 9,635,139,666 TMTG
  • Total circulation: 3,820,102,323 TMTG (6/18/2022)

OKEx X The Midas Touch Gold Airdrop | Step by step

  1. Register on the website okx
  2. Register via email or mobile number
  3. Check confirmation code
  4. Then press the Sign Up button
  5. Then login to your OKEx Account, complete the KYC LEVEL 1 and 2 process


  • New user register via this page and also complete KYC1 verification, you can get additional TMTG reward worth 5 USDT equivalent to TMTG.
    • Total prize: worth 20,000 USDT TMTG
  • TMTG Trading Contest: During the event, participate in transactions and rank according to the volume of TMTG transactions (buy and sell, not including the number of brushes), and share. Total prize 20,000 USDT
    1. First Place, get TMTG prize equal to 6,000 USDT
    2. Second Place, get 4,000 USDT prize equivalent to TMTG
    3. Third Place, get 2,000 USDT prize equivalent to TMTG
    4. Fourth and 10th place, TMTG prize equal to 4,000 USDT
    5. 11th to 1000th place, TMTG prize equal to 4,000 USDT
  • OKB net buying contest: to get extra rewards
    1. 1st ~ 3rd place, with a net purchase of 300 OKB, additional share of 3000 USDT equivalent to TMTG
    2. 4th – 10th place, with net purchase of 100 OKB, additional share of 2,000 USDT equivalent to TMTG
    3. 11th to 1000th place, with a net buy of 20 OKB, additional share of 5,000 USDT equivalent to TMTG
    4. net purchase amount = Buy-Sell

Come on, hurry up and don’t miss it!

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