OLPORTAL AIRDROP | Free $10 OLP Tokens (Legit)

OLPORTAL’s unique ecosystem for neurobots lets you use them in chat.

You can design, build, train your own AI bot and sell it to any messenger user.

With AI power targeted ads, you can earn passive income directly on your favorite messenger.

OLPORTAL is the world’s first decentralized messenger on a hybrid neural network – the iME Messenger app for Telegram is the first of its kind AI-enabled platform based on OLPORTAL technology.

Non-commercial NeurobotOLAI or fun bots, as they are called, can be seamlessly integrated with everyday messengers to bring the conversation first when you’re struggling for time or just tongue-tied.

They include phrases in response, improve conversations, and form structured, open sentences that keep the conversation from ending abruptly.

How to Join the Airdrop?


1. Get OLCF only for simple tasks

2. Invite friends to earn more

3. What we need is Email, erc20 wallet, Social Media

Claim Your Airdrop: https://t.me/olportalolcfbot?start=40130208

Get 2$ From every referral

Don’t forget to work on it bro, plan to list Okex & CoinAll

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