Originate Coin Airdrop (Round 2)

Original Coin Airdrop Review

ORIGINATE Coin (ORC) is a new blockchain cryptocurrency based on the powerful ECR20 Ethereum Token technology.
ORIGINAL Coin is designed to be compatible for trading with all major currency exchanges. Ethereum technology allows ORIGINAL Coin tokens to eventually be traded at high prices/high frequency levels and become the highest standard in cryptocurrency exchanges. ORIGINAL Low risk coin.

With ORIGINAL Coins, each key owner has direct control over their own token balance privately and securely. Due to the solidity of the Ethereum platform, on ORIGINATE Coin, anyone can set up nodes that replicate the necessary data for all nodes to reach an agreement and get compensated by users. This allows ASLI Coin users to stay private, and ASLI Coin transactions are decentralized.

Origin Coin Airdrop | Step by Step

  1. Click to BOT original
  2. Follow Group and Channel Telegram
  3. Follow twitter, retweet pin post and tag 2 of your friends
  4. Follow Facebook and share the last post
  5. Follow medium and the latest post
  6. Leave a positive comment in the telegram group Vindax with the hashtag #ORC
  7. Add ORC logo on your Telegram & Add name [Originatecoin Ambassador] on profile
  8. All tasks are mandatory to get rewards, bro!


  • The airdrop ends on August 1, 2022, so hurry up, gasken, bro!

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