ORYX Private Sale Only for Indonesian Members

Because many Indonesian members do not yet have ORYX, my friend discussed with the CEO of ORYX directly and came up with several decisions.

From the results of these negotiations with ORYX through the CEO of ORYX to be able to reopen private sales, but this time specifically for Indonesian members.

  1. Based on market demand in Indonesia, ORYX will open a special private sale for Indonesian members.
  2. The total sales that can be directly distributed to participants are limited to only 1,000,000 ORX or 1% of the Total Supply. With a price per 1 ORX worth $ 0.05.
  3. If someone makes a purchase after passing the total sales of 1,000,000 ORX, then the Dev will hold the balance of the participant, and it will be distributed in the following 1 month. Purchased using only ETH.
  4. The purchase model is in the form of an in-out purchase. Participants send ETH to the wallet address provided and receive ORX tokens to the wallet address from which the ETH was sent. So it is mandatory that the wallet address from which the ETH is sent is already using the ERC20 wallet address.
  5. For those who make purchase orders equal to or more than $ 2k, will be prioritized.
  6. The private sale takes place from this afternoon at 17:00 WIB, Monday 22 June 2022 to Wednesday 24 June 2022. So only 3 days. For inquiries about ORX sales, go to the ORX Indonesia group

Don’t forget to join t.me/komunitascryptomedia for other information.

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