OUD TOKEN (OUD) Now Listed on Bitmart Exchange

OUD is a newly listed coin with over 450% gain and maintenance, this is a sign that green cryptocurrencies are in high demand from the market. We expect healthy growth in the near future.

OUD TOKEN (OUD) is listed on BitMart at 11:00 p.m. on September 5, 2022 EDT! To celebrate, 375,000 OUD is giving away in the Trading Competition’s Buy & Earn Campaign!

I. Buy & Earn – 125,000 OUD Giveaway!

The first 500 users who purchase OUD greater than or equal to 200 USDT OUD will be eligible to receive 250 OUD each.

II. Trading Competition – 250,000 OUD Giveaway!

Users will be ranked based on the total trading volume (buy+sell) of the OUD. The top 50 winners with the highest trading volume will be rewarded accordingly.

  1. First : 35,000 OUD
  2. 2nd : 22,500 OUD
  3. 3rd : 15,000 OUD
  4. 4th to 10th: 7,500 OUD for each winner
  5. 11th to 20th: 5,000 OUD per winner
  6. 21st to 50th: 2,500 OUD for each winner


  • The Buy & Earn campaign is only for the first 500 users who purchase the required amount of OUD.
  • Participants may only be allowed to use only 1 account to participate.
  • Prizes will be distributed within 15 working days after the competition ends.
  • All entrants we consider to be “washing trades” will not be considered for this competition. BitMart reserves the right to freeze suspected accounts.
  • BitMart reserves the right to cancel or change the competition or competition rules at our sole discretion.

OUD TOKEN Official Website: https://oudtoken.com/

Telegram groups : https://t.me/oudtokengroup

Bitmart Exchange Official Website: https://www.bitmart.com/

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