IndoDEX Announces IDO Partner, Genesis Pool (GPOOL)

The long awaited time has arrived! After its presence has become a sensation in recent weeks, IndoDEX has finally announced a partner, Launchpad Genesis Pool (GPool) which turns out to be one of the GLITCH Finance ($glch) partners that is on the rise in the market. IndoDEX partner Gpool, in a report on Cointelegraph, are … Read more

How to Get $EVRY Token

Evrynet is a smart financial services platform that provides infrastructure for developers and businesses to build centralized decentralized finance applications (CeDeFi). The project is also compatible and interoperable with many leading blockchain ecosystems allowing for the creation of many new opportunities and use cases. For now Everynet is on the Ethereum blockchain and has a … Read more

CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC), an Interoperable Blockchain Built for DeFi

CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC), a blockchain developed by the CoinEx platform team and dedicated to decentralized application development. How does CoinEx encourage developers to contribute to this blockchain evolution and what is the role of its CET token? CoinEx Smart Chain, the new playground for DeFi? Created by the CoinEx platform team, CoinEx Smart Chain … Read more

For Maximum Results, Game Cryptia Delays Launch

World of Cryptia is a game developed by a Japanese game company. This game has beautiful art elements, complex gameplay and can make the experience of playing RPG games exciting. Cryptia has been developed since 2017 and is expected to provide satisfaction and pleasure for gamers. This game uses play-to-earn mechanics but also active game … Read more

Get BIT Token with Initial Deposit at Bybit

The leading exchange for trading Bybit futures contracts, again held a special promotion for the Bybit community in Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. This exchange distributes 3,200 BIT for the fastest user to make initial deposit on the exchange, this reward system is first come, get it. This event will take place from 21 October … Read more

Tezos Foundation Supports Singapore’s e-VCC Project Tokenization

InvestaX today announced the results of the e-VCC Project, which involves examining the technological, legal and practical feasibility of tokenizing the Singapore Variable Capital Company using a blockchain native structure. Through this proof-of-concept, industry participants can define life cycles and workflow processes for the efficiencies gained by using e-VCC by relevant stakeholders (i.e. fund managers, … Read more

Get to know the Features of the Crypto Blockchain Game

Now playing RPG games can also produce, one of the RPG games that gamers can try is Cryptia. In this game players can buy weapons and heroes to explore the game and win in the battles that the game holds. Cryptia has a variety of features, including the following. Get to know the Features of … Read more

ChilliSwap Introduces Various Leading NFT Features

The NFT token has reached a new wave and is gaining immense fame. However, in the first half of this year NFT has seen a significant drop in sales, approximately $2.5 billion less. But it didn’t take long for NFT to bounce back, over the last few weeks As NFT Decrypt market analysis recently reported … Read more