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About MediaAuthority.co

MediaAuthority.co is a media agency specialising in press release distribution and authority link building. MediaAuthority.co empowers business owners through distribution of newsworthy content across the web into business and news networks such as FOX, ABC, NBC & CBS.

MediaAuthority.co does offer press release writing services, distribution and reporting.

All press release distribution and link outreach is managed by Nick Cavarretta, a search engine optimisation consultant based in Australia. You can ensure your press release will be looked over by an SEO expert and recommendations made to editors if required.

Our PR writing service is managed by a few writers based in Australia based in cities such as Melbourne, Hobart and Sydney. Our Press Release writers are freelance writers from the Freelance Collective, a platform provided by professional Australian copywriters.

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MediaAuthority.co strives for search engine visibility and reputation management via global networks, bloggers and authority publications. Our global network reaches a high level of contacts, media partners and journalists all around the world.

Please note that the URL chosen to rank depends on Google News and Microsoft MSN.


How It Works

Stage One - Press Release Writing

Writing a press release requires a few guidelines (see here) in order to ensure all sites pickup the publication.

See our list of reputable press release writers that have had approvals by us in the past and have example work to show you.

General turn around time is 3 days - 7 days.

Stage Two - Choose Your Syndication

  • Tier 3 - MediaAuthroity.co Publication (Permanent)
  • Tier 2 - Publications will generally last 6 months to 1 year, and up to 1 week in Google News
  • Tier 1 - This is Tier 2 plus larger media partners, some larger media partners will hold the article permanently

You will need to create an account with MediaAuthority in order to make placements. For bulk orders please contact us for your own Agency Code for discounts on all future orders.

Once you make your purchase you will be given a link to a form to submit your press release to us at MediaAuthority.co.

One of our PR Managers will contact you in regards to your order as a follow-up. There is a multi-level editorial process for all press releases to ensure MediaAuthority.co get all channel approvals and your content is approved by more news channels.

Optional Tracking Links

We have our own tracking link platform that you're able to use. Speak to your PR Manager for the extra option.

MediaAuthority works during Australian Eastern Standard Time 9AM - 5PM during Monday to Friday.

Stage Three - Review, Revise & Publish

There are multiple layers of review before your press release is published.
Once your press release passes all editors review process and it is agreed to be published, then the project starts.

General turn around time 3 days - 5 business days

Final Stage - Reporting

Your press release will start syndicating across the world and take a few days to complete.

You will receive an email from the PR Manager you're working with that contains the PDF Report.



Want to see some examples?

Tier 3 (Permanent Content Placement on MediaAuthority.co)

Tier 2 (Newswire Syndication)
Download PDF Report

Tier 1 (Public Relations)
No examples available due to customer confidentiality, please email to request information on Tier 1 PR with MediaAuthority.co