Frequently Asked Questions | MediaAuthority.CO

  • Do You Accept All Industries?

    No we don't. We will not accept any industry within black markets. This covers the adult industry and gambling industry. We deal with professional industries and ecommerce stores.

  • How Do I Submit A Press Release?

    You can purchase your press release syndication via the website where you will be given a receipt number. One of our staff members will contact you in regards to your press release and you can send it directly to us.

  • Do you write the press release or me?

    We do offer a press release writing service which is written by someone as English as their first language. Our writers are from Melbourne, Australia. To order a press release writing service, please select the option in the store and one of our staff member will reach out to you for a brief and forward it onto out writers to start ASAP.

  • What are your Turn Around Times?

    Press Release syndication usually starts within a few hours, depending on the approval status of the press release and guidelines. Press Release writing services can take 7 - 10 working day for completion with an allowance of up to 3 revisions.

  • What is the value of a press release?

    The value is syndicating relevant content to major websites and gaining back a link, citation and having referable content for your link building strategies. Press Releases are also extremely valuable for startup launches, new product releases and any relevant news you wish the public to know.

  • Do I Receive A Report?

    Yes you will receive a full report on all URLs that published your content when the syndication is complete. Please allow up to 14 working days for a report to be distributed.

  • Why does my Press Release need approval?

    We are trusted by media partners all around the world and maintain a certain level of standard to combat spam. This is so Media Authority and yourself don't look unprofessional and the media companies eyes.

  • Do you make suggestions for my Press Release?

    If you are submitting your own press release, and there is something that stands out in the press release, we may make some suggestions to optimise your release to gain maximum exposure. All our writers already optimise press releases based on Business Name and keywords you wish to appear for in News.

  • Will my release be visible in Google News?

    Yes. All press releases that are approved syndicate across hundreds of websites. The platform to publish first will be the one that appears in Google News.