Play Airdrop In 2 Hours Get 5 M (Only Free Capital)

Who doesn’t like it when suddenly abundant fortune is like a rain of gold in an instant.

This time a member of the Auto Sultan Together group who has a nickname Hoax Gaming get lucky that is can produce 5 M in just 2 hours.

The luck that can be obtained from free play airdrop results.

How come you can get that much?

He has a TWT (Trust Wallet) coin which happens to be a market that will open a trade on

Because starting from there he made a deposit of 19,600 TWT to the market

It turned out that when the deposit was successfully entered the token sent turned into 19,599 BNB or the equivalent of almost 5 Billion Rupiah!

Suddenly this news caused a stir in all crypto groups and other crypto channels.

However, what made another scene was that he returned the BNB he got instantly amounting to 16,624 BNB to the market and Hoax Gaming received a 15% compensation or 700 million.

Successfully returned BNB and received compensation of 700 Million

Well, for those of you who are curious about airdrops, you can watch on the channel

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