Play Games to get Bitcoins? Try These 8 Games!

Bitcoin is one of the virtual currencies or we also often call it the term cryptocurrency which is currently booming all over the world.

As a digital currency, bitcoin is guaranteed by cryptography. There are many beginner ways to earn bitcoins, one easy way is play games earn bitcoins.

Play Games Earn Bitcoins? Here are 8 Recommendations

1. Bitcoin Billionaire

Bitcoin Billionaire is one of the recommended bitcoin-producing games that you can play from your smartphone.

The advantage of this game is that players can get bitcoin rewards for free by playing the game according to the instructions provided.

Although this game is quite simple, it also requires a qualified brain intelligence to play it.

2. Blockchain Games

Blockchain Game brain teasers will require players to think creatively in order to complete the mission.

The tasks available in this Blockchain Game are in the form of the task of compiling an object. Although not complicated, this job requires precision and creativity.

Each time you level up, the missions presented will be more complicated.

The higher the level you go, the greater the available bitcoin rewards.

3. Pig Flap

Flap Pig is one of the popular Android games as a bitcoin earning game.

This game is designed quite simply but gives a pretty tempting prize for cryptocurrency lovers.

After the amount of bitcoins collected meets, players can payout. However, the bitcoin reward from the Flap Pig game is quite small considering that this game is indeed easy.

4. Coin Flapper

Beginners who want to try to collect cryptocurrency, can try play games earn bitcoin with the game Coin Flapper.

This game, which is similar to Angry Bird, requires players to fly birds through certain challenges.

Every time the players manage to score a win, the player will get a reward in the form of virtual currency or bitcoin.

Even though it looks simple, winning the Coin Flapper game still requires certain skills.

5. Free Bitcoin Cash

Free Bitcoin Cash is a game that you can play on your Android smartphone and rewards you with bitcoins.

There are several ways to PayOut bitcoin from Free Bitcoin Cash, but we recommend that you choose the Faucetpay method so that bitcoins can be sent automatically every week.

6. Alien Run

Alien Run game offers some bitcoins to its players after winning some given missions.

This game is fairly easy to play because of its simple gameplay. However, unfortunately the rewards given by Alien Run are relatively small.

Therefore you have to play this game regularly so that the rewards that can be collected are large.

7. Bitcoin Pop

If you want to increase your bitcoin savings even if it’s only a little, beginners can rely on Bitcoin Pop.

Bitcoin Pop is a game where you can provide additional bitcoin assets by winning a number of given missions.

The main task in this game is that the players must combine the same characters in the game.

8. Bitcoin Block

Bitcoin Block requires players to combine blocks with bitcoin images of the same color.

Although the task is fairly simple, the higher the level, the more complex it becomes. If you win a certain mission, then the player gets a bitcoin reward.

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