Playing Games is More Exciting! Now Home Decoration Kawaii Island Available

Kawaii is a simulation game that allows players to farm, make crafts, decorate houses, social networks, and so on. Not only that, by playing Kawaii Island players can also earn income through the original Kawaii token, KWT.

This game is still developing in order to create a fun game for its players, recently Kawaii has also completed the home decoration feature of the Kawaii Island Beta Game. Players can start decorating and show off their artistic interior design skills and win 50,000 KWT as a prize!

Getting to know Home Decoration on Kawaii Island

Home decoration or home decoration is one of the core features of Kawaii Island which simulates real life, where players can create decoration items to design their villa with a collection of furniture, where each player can express their style and show other players their decorating skills.

Home Decoration Features in Beta Update

1. Customization: After pressing the Edit room button, players can enter Edit mode with many options to customize their villa room.
In this Edit mode, players can open their Deco Inventory to take out their crafted furniture and place it in the room.

After selecting an item to place in the room, players can move the item or rotate the direction until they are satisfied enough with the settings to confirm the item’s placement, or simply cancel it to choose something else. Certain fixed-position furniture such as Tile, Wall, Stair and Door will have slightly different customization mechanisms.

2. D├ęcor Point System and Special Home Decoration Contest

Each furniture item will come with a specific decoration point based on type & size. When players finish arranging the furniture and saving their room design, their total decoration points will be calculated based on the furniture they placed in the room.

Home Decoration Contest

There will be a special Home Decoration contest for Kawaii Island players to compete their designing skills and win special prizes.
The Contest will run from the first day of the Beta Game (this week) to the last day of November.

Players will get over 1 month to craft items and decorate their Kawaii Islands villa to suit their style. The top 50 highest players on the Decoration Point leaderboard will earn KWT rewards to finance their Kawaii Islands creations later. Prize details can be seen in the table below:

How to Reach the Top Rank

The First Home Decoration contest leaderboard will be based solely on Decoration points. The higher the points, the more chances one has to participate in the leaderboard and win. Everyone has 1 month to decorate their villa and compete to be on top of the leaderboard. The Kawaii Island team will take the leaderboard rankings at the end of November when the contest ends and announce the best home designers on Kawaii Island.

Unlocking Kawaii Island Villa

To unlock a villa room, players will need the appropriate villa room certificate. On their Home Isle, players will have a Villa with their own set of rooms. Each villa room will require a special certificate to open it. In an upcoming update, players can unlock the first room of their default Villa. More rooms and villa types will be coming in future updates.

To get a certificate to unlock a room, players must reach a certain level, incur an unlocking fee, and use a number of materials and dyes. The requirements for the first room certificate in an upcoming update are as follows:

  • Minimum level: 20
  • Total ingredients: 200 (mixed type, only quantity counts)
  • Total dyes: 200 (mixed colors, counts only)
  • Cost: 5,000 KWT

*Note: Certificates to unlock rooms can be traded on the Marketplace. However, once traded, players can no longer access the appropriate room, their total decoration points will be deducted, and all room furnishings and decorations will be returned to their Deco Inventory. Restarting the unlock process or buying another certificate is the only way to unlock the room; but their room decor needs to be reworked from scratch.

Future Plans Regarding Home Decoration

There are many other fun functions that will be added to the Home Decoration feature. These features are still in development, Kawaii Island will announce the details later when they are ready.

  • Furniture Upgrades: Players can upgrade their crafted furniture to further increase item decoration points.
  • Improvements to Furnishing Crafting: Kawaii Island will work on solutions to further reduce crafting gas costs, or even stop the process completely if possible.
  • House Party: Players can host a House Party and invite their friends to their villa. Hosts and guests will receive bonus buffs during party time.
  • Housekeeping Contest: Players can submit one of their Villa rooms for the community to vote on. The top Villa room with the highest number of votes will get a prize.
  • Creative Contest: Players can design an empty room with thousands of furniture designs provided by the system.
  • More rooms & Villa types unlocked: The default villa currently has a total of 3 rooms, 2 of which will be available to unlock in the next update. Following up, more villa types will be added in the future.
  • User’s own design furniture: Kawaii Island is all about community and in the future, artists can design their own original furniture for their own Kawaii shop. If this original design meets the game’s graphics quality format requirements and receives sufficient support from other players, we can transfer it to NFT game and people who like this item can buy it to use in their own villa.

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