Pockmine Airdrop | Register and Get 0.02 KH/s For BBC Minning

Pockmine App has daily login function where users get free hash rate just by logging in daily. Just register an account and get verified, then log in to the app to receive your free hash rate! As simple as that!

The BBC is a project that believes in sharing the future with everyone, not just those with strong technical expertise or mining hardware.

The BBC is exclusive and optimized for CPU mining and takes pride in adhering to this de-centralized ideology. Pockmine is currently in beta, so keep it up with constant updates!

Pockmine Airdrop | Step by Step

  • Pockmine Airdrop Similar to Ubiex Don’t Miss It Again
  • Get 0.02 KH/s for BBC minning
  • +0.01 Kh/s/ Referral
  • BBC market : Biki, WBF, Lbank

Here are the steps:

  1. Register Here https://bit.ly/34U5ovR
  2. Register with phone number
  3. Download app
  4. Create wallet
  5. Submit easy KYC
  6. Click income collection for claim mining

Don’t forget to join the channel https://t.me/AidropFree1 For Latest Airdrops

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