Police raided it thought it was a marijuana garden, turned out to be a Bitcoin mine

Police officers in the UK uncovered a complicated Bitcoin mining operation after suspecting that it was a cannabis farm.

In a statement, police from Sandwell, West Midlands said they suspect a building in the Great Bridge Industrial Estate to be a marijuana field because of the number of people visiting the site at different times of the day. The industrial unit also has visible wiring and ventilation ducts and a sizeable heat source – things they say are signs of a cannabis farming operation.

When police officers entered the building with a drug warrant on May 18, they found about 100 computers used to mine the leading crypto asset.

An investigation with the Western Power power distribution network revealed that the mining operation used thousands of dollars worth of stolen electricity.

There were no arrests, but police officers confiscated the equipment. Sandwell Police Sergeant Jennifer Griffin said,

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