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Power Trade Review

PowerTrade is a platform for leveling up with crypto options and derivatives on mobile, allowing you to be more bullish or bearish on your trades with less risk. In addition, the PowerTrade exchange roadmap aims for progressive decentralization. The first step towards community-driven decentralization is the PTF DAO token. PTF is backed by the DAO PowerTrade treasury value and is designed to drive incentives between traders and the end product in a way no other exchange token has done before. In addition, PTF acts as a governance token for the risk mitigation parameters of the PowerTrade platform.

PowerTrade is the fastest and easiest way to trade crypto options on the go. With a low minimum you can exchange calls or place at any time. Advanced traders can execute more sophisticated strategies such as spreads, iron condors, and straddles.

Power Trade Exchange Event | Step By Step Join

  1. Click the link to the page Events
  2. Click “Get Early Access” and enter your email
  3. Verify and activate your email
  4. Finished


  • Top 5000 Participants are entitled to get rewards
  • For event details, please visit this link

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