Prasaga AMA Recap with Media Authority Indonesia

On December 10th, Prasaga held an AMA at the Media Authority Community. Our guest is Jay Moore, CO-Founder of Prasaga.

Impressive interest from our Community with lots of questions on Twitter and Telegram. Let’s take a look at the most interesting points of the AMA.

Introductory Session

Ultimate Riki: Before starting the first session, could you introduce yourself, your background and your team if you have a team you work with at Prasaga?

Jay Moore: My name is Jay Moore and I’m a massive parallel entrepreneur, Prasaga marks my 12th new venture, I enjoy creating everything from ISPs and design companies to franchise restaurant chains and game streaming middleware.

From my endeavors in video games, my greatest success has been at GarageGames where we transformed game development, coined the term “Indie Games”, and built a community of 250,000 indie game developers in the early 2000s.

Prasaga is by far the most exciting venture I have ever had the privilege of being a part of to help make a better future for all of us because I see blockchain as the key to so much innovation and improvement of our global quality of life.

We have been working on this project for 3 years and now we are very happy to share the opportunity to share with the Media Authority Community community about Prasaga and DataGrid Blockchain. Someday I predict you’ll tell others you’ve heard of Prasaga before it even launched in the DeFi pool.

Our team consists of 19 people and my two founders Michael Holdmann / CEO and David Beberman / CTO are both veteran innovators.

Ultimate Riki: Can you introduce Prasaga to our community?

Jay Moore: Prasaga is a Foundation based organization that creates the DataGrid Blockchain. New native chain and coin project, embracing developers, miners and token holders.

PrasagGa in Sanskrit. “All connected or the result of everything”, we started out as an IoT/Smart city platform company which after researching blockchain to use for our other technologies, realized we had to build our own foundation.

The DataGrid Blockchain catalyzed by our eXtensible Blockchain Object Model (XBOM) and the Object Oriented Blockchain™ (OOB™ ) builds a ledger that places the coding, execution and settlement of all asset transactions directly onto the blockchain – providing an evolved approach to Smart Contracts that provides enhanced development speed, higher quality, and future-proof development infrastructure.

Twitter’s Best Question Session

First question

Q1 from @HolderEthereum : I can only try to imagine the challenges of even making such a structure work effectively. What do you see as the main challenges today that need to be overcome to achieve the holy grail of decentralization?

Jay Moore: Thanks for the question, we have examined every level of governance and technology to ensure that DGB remains decentralized in the long term, this is discussed in detail in our technical WP released last month. This paper reviews the technology needed to achieve this with embedded links to patent applications that dive deeper into the technology.

Second Question

Q2 From @yensantosdrena : The only way the blockchain industry will thrive and thrive is if they have users who can use the product easily. What are some unique features of Prasaga that will help attract more users and developers to it?

Jay Moore: The Prasaga team took 3 years to research, design and start development with the problem you stated as one of the main drivers, Adoption of a Decentralized Society by a larger population.

It also took us a long time to define a message that the world could understand. We’ve been so immersed in deep discussions of technology that we always seem to end up there in explanations.

To answer your questions, we offer these:

Your phone, computer, and smartwatch all have operating systems that make development and use easy. Easy is good. But Blockchain is hard. We need Blockchain to make it easy. XBOM makes it easy to develop and use Blockchain.

Third Question

Q3 From @Mary47229678: Can you tell me how many of your tokens are distributed in your PRESALE and what is the price of each token? Is there a minimum purchase to be able to participate in your presale?

Jay Moore: We understand that token supply is critical to value creation. Here’s our full tokenomics:

Total printed $DGT 53,278,888,889

Pre-sale- Total token distribution
$ DGT- 1.36 billion
Minimum for Stage 1 $100k 20% Bonus
Minimum for Stage 2 $100k 10% Bonus
$DGT- 5% unlocked linearly during DeFi Pools (12 months)

Liquidity Bootstrap Pool (LBP)
$DGT-2 billion will be released into circulation for 96 hours.
$DGT linearly over 12 months of DeFi campaign

12 month DeFi campaign
$ DGT up to 21 billion


$DGT will start mining once the main network is launched

All Presale Token Holders unlock on the same vesting schedule as Founders, Teams and Initial Token Holders

5% on original listing $DGT
30% in 24, 36, 48 months.

1) Note that we have very strong locks even after the mainnet launch for all early and presale token holders and our team.
2) We are building a VERY large scale project which will require large amounts of tokens to be used for an economy running on the DataGrid Blockchain.

You won’t be launching a new currency for a country and just enough to run a small town. Our token supply is built on a model that projects 8-10 years as the value of our tokens will be governed by the monetary policy that keeps our currency stable.
“Those tokens to invest will be the currency to invest in.”

3) Remember we are not trying to do a short term DeFi platform game, we are building a better blockchain to contribute to the better future that has been promised. Our thesis is to build a fully scalable solution that has the greatest resistance to attacks with a stable currency and we will be the blockchain of choice.

Fourth Question

Q4 From @CryptoMemer1 : Does Prasaga have a vision for DeFi? Is this different from the general appearance of DeFi?

Jay Moore: In the Prasaga roadmap there are two distinct engagements with DeFi.

1) The first is in the 12 month DeFi Liquidity Pool campaign, notated in the previous message.

2) The second engagement with the DeFi market is as an optimal basic infrastructure for DeFi to transact. DataGrid Blockchain is a new approach to scale, latency, state, ownership, asset shards, etc. This new approach will stabilize transaction costs, eliminate the need for intermediaries, enable the transfer of ownership of any asset between accounts on the DataGRid Blockchain and much more.

We are now developing a class: defi, this creates the base class needed to perform swaps using the XBOM Decentralized Operating System and its class tree structure. It will be available to build proof of concept using XBOM enterprise deployment on hyperledger, full capability will be implemented on MainNet DGB rollout.

Fifth Question

Q5 From @AirdropTurkey2: Is Prasaga’s DGB or DataGrid Blockchain capable enough to handle and process adequate transactions?
because that’s the main problem with blockchain today?

Jay Moore: This is a firm YES.

We solve this problem because we see it from engineering, not from computer science viewer. We have been involved in most of the major innovations in hardware, software and protocol design over the last 5 decades.

We recognize that in order to achieve a secure and scalable decentralized open permissionless blockchain, we need to apply many of the approaches that have been developed over the history of the industry. Amdahl’s Law, Metcalfe’s Law for serialization/parallelization, collision identity and mitigation along with others.

We have created a blockchain that scales to the limit of network bandwidth.

Direct Questions on Telegram

First question

Q1 : What are the plans to educate and increase awareness and adoption among the community to make more people understand the project easily?

Jay Moore: We are building the entire Prasaga Foundation division as a DataGrid Collaboration. We built a regional Lab to engage our community, token holders, miners and developers.

We recruit experienced Ambassadors who can speak technically with developers as well as with token holders and can network with key regional partners in blockchain accelerators and incubators as well as our enterprise clients.

Second Question

Q2: Many investors hit and run in a sell and sell session after listing on the first exchange, How will your project prevent early investors from selling their tokens and what benefits will you provide them with?

Jay Moore : We have long term vesting or token lock with our early investors, we unlock 5% on DeFi listing, 5% on MainNet, 30% annually for 3 years after mainnet launch. The same goes for Presale tokens with bonuses.

The key is to understand that the substantial gains from our tokens will come as we get more network transactions and our usage increases on the MainNet.

Third Question

Q3 : Regulation is very important. Projects were closed in many countries for failing to use proper regulations and permits. To go global; how do you deal with this problem?

Jay Moore : We have our OU DataGrid Labs in Estonia where the blockchain regulatory framework is the most advanced for utility token offerings and is part of the EU. We are working to set up our Foundation in Switzerland where the best regulatory framework for Blockchain foundations has emerged and we plan to have most of our banks located in the Crypto Valley outside Zurich.

We have had many discussions with EU and US/SEC regulatory groups on how our unique blockchain architecture can be leveraged for regulatory compliance. The key is to be a company of integrity that builds on long-term success and has the technology to set the standard for years to come.

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