RealPay Airdrop | Sign Up and Get 5 RAP (~$5)

RealPay App Review

Real Market, the online flea market we created together! Now, all world deals are tied to real markets! Real Market is certified as a venture company as a profit sharing platform. Real Payout is an ERC20 based token which is used as the only payment method when using paid options in the real market.

Starting with Korea, we will expand to a global distribution platform and use GPS to provide a source of revenue earned based on the region. We encourage projects that allow us to enjoy direct distribution platform benefits from investing in virtual assets through Shares. Distribute tokens according to the number of participants and The final distribution number is determined by the team.

RealPay Airdrop | Step By Step Join

  1. Join RealPay on group Telegram and channel
  2. Submit your ETH address and other details.
  3. Finished


  • Airdrop tokens will be distributed on November 18th.
  • The RAP token will definitely be listed on the exchange Dcoin Exchange
  • 2,000 lucky participants will receive airdrop tokens.

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