Recommended 6 Ways to Get Bitcoin Uang

Many consider the cryptocurrency BTC to be the currency of the future, as its price has continued to soar since its launch. This makes many people look for how to get bitcoin money. To get BTC, you can take the easy way or the complicated way.

Recommendation 6 How to Get Bitcoin Cash Proven Success

1. Invest Bitcoin

The first way you can get Bitcoin money is by investing Bitcoin. Bitcoin can now be useful as one of the best investment instruments because its value continues to increase from time to time.

In fact, if we compare it with the value of Bitcoin at the beginning of its emergence, its value is now hundreds or even thousands of times greater. The term in the investment world is Hold On for Dear Life (HODL) which is to hold the BTC investment instrument for a long time until you find the most appropriate moment.

In this case, you need the ability to contain your emotions and evaluate continuously in order to successfully invest in Bitcoin. This method also includes a high-risk method so that beginners must learn properly first.

2. Trading

Trading activity is one of the how to get bitcoin money which has proven to be successful and has indeed become the mainstay of many investors’ activities. Trading is also very fast to make money from bitcoin.

It’s just that, to be able to carry out trading activities correctly, you need qualified skills ranging from skills to analyze trading charts and also the readiness to take risks. This method is relatively high risk because if you make a wrong move you can actually lose big.

3. Transaction Using Bitcoin

The next way that is also quite popular is transacting using bitcoin. Currently, many merchants, both small and large, have begun to accept cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin, as a payment method. Giant vendors like Starbucks are one such example.

However, to be able to make transactions using bitcoin and so as not to lose money, you must understand and pay close attention to the level of development of BTC at the time of transaction. We must do this to avoid losses that may arise in the future.

4. Mining Bitcoin

Bitcoin mining activity is how to get bitcoin money the main choice of many people. This is also the standard way to earn BTC. It’s just that, to be able to mine successfully, you need a capital of qualified hardware components.

5. Join the Affiliate Program

Joining an affiliate program is one way to get bitcoin money which is quite easy and suitable for beginners to choose. You can sign up for some of the affiliate programs offered by certain companies.

Some companies offer rewards in the form of bitcoins every time your referral link is used by someone else. The amount of commission earned also varies depending on the policies of each company.

This method is precisely chosen by those with a fairly good social network. Of course, you need to be careful when choosing an affiliate program. Don’t just choose an affiliate program because some of these companies are companies with spam products that will tarnish your good name.

6. ICO Bug Bounties Service

Providing bug bounties for Initial Coin Offerings can reward you with digital assets including bitcoin. Your job is to find and find bugs and then report them to the company.

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