ReFork Airdrop Round 2 | Free 300 Tokens ($15) No KYC

About Project REFORK

We have been developing biodegradable plastics for the past two years. We have long term experience with manufacturing plastic products.

Now that we have a lot of experience, we have decided to start a worldwide expansion. The material from which our products are made will break down into a natural substance in nature (humus) and thus will re-enter the natural cycle.

We Bring Solutions

The REFORK project brings solutions to today’s global problems with plastics. The entire process of manufacturing single-use plastics, from crude oil extraction to storage, poses a significant threat to our environment (climate change).

The only way to prevent the continued destruction of our planet is to follow the rules of the circular economy and use only biodegradable materials like ours.

ReFork Airdrop Round 2 | Step by Step

  • Free 300 EFK = $15
  • No KYC
  • List of Latoken

Here are the steps:

  1. Start bot CLICK HERE
  2. Pass Human Test
  3. Enter Email
  4. Click “Airdrop Program”
  5. Complete All Tasks
  6. Submit ERC20 Address
  7. Done

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