REIMAGINE 2022 V4 Halloween Event


What is REIMAGINE 2022? REIMAGINE 2022 is a virtual blockchain conference and networking event designed to inspire you to create and implement the solutions needed to build a decentralized future. Our goal is to expand education while strengthening links between the academic, industry and corporate communities by providing a virtual forum that will serve as the standard for future blockchain events.

There has never been a better test for the promise of blockchain than the current financial crisis. More and more people are realizing that cryptocurrencies can serve as safe havens and our community needs to come together to help them find alternatives. Let’s rethink what is possible! We can inspire everyone to choose decentralization, privacy, autonomy, ownership and security as mindset and philosophy.

Our virtual conference series REIMAGINE 2022 is back! Help us spread the word and get entries for the BTC GIVEAWAY 10/30 Withdraw – Pre-conference Prize – $50 USD / BTC Figure 31/10 – Happy Halloween Prize – $100 USD / BTC 11/1 Drawing – All Hallow’s Day Giveaway – $150 USD/BTC Draw One Week After Event – ​​Grand Prize – $200 USD/BTC

REIMAGINE 2022 V4 Halloween Event | Step By Step Join

  1. Click the link to the page REIMAGINE Event
  2. connect your social media to Gleam. io
  3. Create an account at Eventbrite claim tickets to complete the task
  4. Next, just follow twitter and retweet status
  5. Finished


Event ends in 10 days, 31 October 2022

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