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Relevant is an application to collect information based on quality, not clicks. Relevant uses a reputation system and economic incentives to encourage users to rank and organize content in topic-based communities. It is based on the principle of an inclusive hierarchy – anyone can participate but not everyone has equal weight. Relevant is building a new type of network based on trust.

In any relevant community, the most important content is not the most clicked, but the most trusted by community . This allows identification and utilization of trust networks within a specific domain. Like universities and trade schools, these networks offer a hierarchical structure that will help us navigate, organize, and disaggregate digital realities. Unlike rigid traditional institutions, these networks are diverse, inclusive and adaptable.

How it works? Each Relevant community is similar to a subreddit where users can upvote, downvote and discuss links. Only instead of using the number of upvotes to rank posts, we look at who upvoted a post to determine its value. This is why on Relevant, one upvote from a trusted user is worth more than a million votes from a bot account.

Relevant Airdrops | Step by Step

  1. Click the link to the website Relevant
  2. Connect a twitter account, uniswap or register using email
  3. Activate the account via the incoming email
  4. Congratulations the token has been credited to your account


  • Use a VPN if the page is problematic
  • Coinbase’s project is potentially legit

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