Relictum Pro X Buzzin | Register and Get 3333 GNT Estimated $15

Relictum Pro is a blockchain platform based on the most advanced blockchain generation – Blockchain 5.0. which has all the basic and sufficient requirements to ensure the work of the fourth generation of blockchain

  1. Cryptography, relictum have our own encryption algorithm
  2. Network, relictum has our own principle of node interaction (among them)
  3. Smart contracts, relictum has its own laboratory for all smart contracts.

It can support up to 1 million transactions per second and uses their PoT (Proof of Tsar) consensus algorithm, which provides maximum protection against collisions, 51% attack protection, and in its resistance to quantum computer builds.

They have sold $250k coins through their token sale at a price of $1 for 222 coins and they have sold $2 million coins via private sale.

Relictum Pro X Buzzin | Step by Step

  1. Click the Go link BOT
  2. Join the Relictum Telegram Group and Channel
  3. Follow Relictum twitter account and retweet pinned post
  4. Follow Relictum’s Facebook account and share the latest posts
  5. Follow Relictum’s linkedin account and share the latest posts
  6. Follow relictum’s instagram account
  7. Follow reddit account
  8. register to account relictum
  9. Download the Relictum wallet
  10. Paste the relictum address (use the email you used to register)
  11. Finished


  • Tokens will be distributed in June
  • Tokens will be credited to your Relictum Pro web account upon completion of the campaign by Relictum.
  • You must complete at least 4 activities to be eligible to receive tokens

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