RidePayment X IMOEX Exchange Giveaway

Preview of Imoex and RidePayment

In general IMO is a new financing method for cryptocurrency projects, which aims to solve the problem of existing financing methods. In order to invest in IMO and make a profit, it is necessary to have a proper understanding of how IMO works. For this purpose, this paper will summarize the problem of existing financing methods and introduce the characteristics of IMO. For more details, please visit here

RidePayment has just won a voting contest and as an appreciation they are holding a giveaway as well as a promotion for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to join and transact on the Imoex Exchange, Ridepayment itself is a taxi & mobile payment boxing service. Service Platform with Blockchain in south asia. you can learn more here

RidePayment X IMOEX Exchange | Step by Step

  1. Join Community Group and Channel RidePayment
  2. Download the IMO Wallet app here
  3. Use CODE 7613EDA1 if needed
  4. Fill in your data in Google-Form


  • Ride Token will be listed on IMO Exchange in the next two weeks
  • The listing price is 0.02 USDT
  • This giveaway runs from 2022.07.15 ~ 2022.07.19

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