Satorify Airdrop | Get 500 CLM Tokens Worth $2.5

Satorify opening up the gig economy to people and communities around the world. Our intuitive platform helps members set goals and reach their full potential in a personalized, secure and rewarding way.

And we’re constantly customizing Satorify to better empower our members and build more effective systems.

Joining you will get a register bonus of 600 CLM estimated at $2.5, CoinClaim has also been traded on the P2PBi0, STEX and 9Coin Markets.

Satorify Airdrop | Step by step

  1. Click Register Account
    • Enter Username
    • Enter Email
    • Enter Password
    • Confirm Password
    • Click Register
  2. Confirmation Email & Log In
  3. Click Menu+Account+Manage Social
    • Connect Facebook
    • Connect Twitter
    • Connect Reddit (👈Ignore OK)
    • Connect Youtube (👈Ignore OK)
  4. Click Menu + Dashboard
  5. Complete All Tasks
  6. Done / Done


  • Minimum Withdraw 1000 CLM
  • The Withdrawal Process Is Quite Long
  • Collect GIG and Claim Daily Reward

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