SEC-LaLiga Revolutionizes Football for Everyone – The sports industry has become the fastest growing industry since the 21st century, with a growth rate of 8% every year. The global sports industry has a large market and diverse business models, ranging from athlete training, education, ticketing, broadcasting, commercial advertising, sponsorship, product development, sports sweepstakes and data monetization.

However, the parties involved are in separate statuses. Due to the intervention and control of the central organization, the connection of upstream and downstream resources in the sports industry faces certain obstacles. In addition, affected by the regional and market development environment, the global sports industry is in a state of disproportionate development.

With the development of blockchain technology, more and more industries are getting involved in blockchain, trying to use it to change and optimize operations and business models. In order to promote the rapid development of the sports industry and reshape the new ecology of the sports competition industry, the integration of blockchain into sports will be a real game changer.

Sports Eco Chain is a decentralized sports ecosystem launched by SEC-LaLiga, a joint partnership between Sports Eco Corporation (SEC) and Spanish football league LaLiga. It integrates global sports resources and media, stars, fan community, etc.,

To create a new digital economy model. It is committed to providing global football fans and communities with an interactive platform for information and exchange of exclusive products, services, social networks, tourism and many other experiences. This will allow football fans to be closer to La Liga matches and clubs, allow them to experience the essence of La Liga, to further push the league’s globalization plans.

With the SEC blockchain, the value of the sports industry is no longer limited to events, players, tickets, merchandise, but also information and digital assets. Every individual and company can join in the digital revolution, which is fundamentally changing the business model of the traditional sports industry.

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