SMATOOS Wallet Airdrop | Free 134,000 SMTS (Legit)

Smatoos is a global reward economy token. who gives rewards to their community by performing certain tasks

Smatoos Airdrop

  • Rewards 10000 SMTS
  • Still in IEO Stage
  • Participant Limit Don’t regret if you’re late~

SMATOOS Wallet Airdrop | Step by Step

  1. Download Chain Bridge
  2. Click Register
  3. Enter Full Name
  4. Enter Email
  5. Create Password
  6. Click Register
  7. After Complete Register Account Verification
  8. Video / Face Verif (Follow According to Instructions)
  9. Email Verification
  10. Set Password Settings
  11. Bind Mobile Number (Skip)
  12. Click the link Claim Reward
  13. Enter Email Account Chain Bridge
  14. Enter Recommend Email [email protected]
  15. Click Submit & Enter Verification Code
  16. Create + Confirm Pin
  17. Click Submit + Click I’m Ready
  18. Copy the Code that Appears
  19. Open the Chain Bridge App
  20. Search/Scroll Right + Click Connect
  21. Click Connect Service
  22. Enter / Paste Code
  23. Click Connect To Service + Confirm
  24. Check Wallet


  • SMTS & BNV Rewards Still Not Exchangeable
  • The key to success is in Step 3
  • No Need to Input Reffcode in Apps

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