SOLANA X GATE.IO Airdrop | Register and Take the Quiz Total Reward $25000

Solana is the largest Permissionless Blockchain in the world. Solana’s goal is to prioritize speed and safety. With 8 core innovations that are expected to help business developers to scale business, and infrastructure safely, and decentralized.

Solana has raised $20 million Series A to build an interoperable blockchain on the mass scale of the worldwide web. In this respect Solana is the only blockchain at layer 1 that maintains a decentralized architecture, ensuring smart contracts and retaining composable and modular properties.

When all blockchains are single-threaded or blockchains that can only update in one country at a time, Solana is the solution to the problem.

Solana claims to have more than 50 nodes in the global network and supports 65,000 transactions per second and 400ms block time which is a breakthrough network capacity that marks a new phase in blockchain development.

SOLANA x Airdrop | Step by Step

  1. Register market
    • Enter email address
    • Enter Password Login
    • Enter password Dana.
    • Click Submit & Verify email
    • DONE
  2. Join Airdrop
    • Enter Email address
    • Enter UID gateio.
    • Login & Complete Task, Done.
  3. Completed the task, & Answer Primer Quiz :
  4. Answer the Primary Quiz:
    • Scroll Down Click Start
    • Choose English
    • Enter your Gate io UID
    • Enter registered email
      • Reply 59,490
      • Answer Proof of history
      • Reply 0.4 sec
      • Reply All above

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