Sparkpoint Wallet Bounty | Register and Get 5000 SRK

Sparkpoint Wallet Review

RECREATING DIGITAL PAYMENTS, BUILDING A BETTER FUTURE “We believe that blockchain technology is the catalyst in the digital revolution.” From mobile payments, remittances, exchanges, games, etc. Starting slowly, step by step, with the support of the community, SparkPoint Innovations will help build a better future for society.

SparkPoint Vision is to encourage people to participate in digitizing payment transactions by providing inclusive financial services integrated with blockchain technology, reducing the hassle of transferring money & participating in cryptoccurency exchanges.

Own mission Become a global competitive project focused on financial inclusion by integrating blockchain technology and promoting financial literacy awareness to recreate the world of digital payments.

Sparkpoint Wallet Bounty | Step by Step

  1. Register Website SparkPoint
    • Enter Email
    • Enter Password
    • Email Verification
    • Done
  2. Personal data verification (KYC)
    • Upload the front side of the ID card *
    • Upload the back side of the ID card *
    • Selfie with ID card along with written paper ( SparkPoint, Your Name and Date KYC) *
    • Underneath you will find the column for uploading the SparkPoint wallet address
    • You can get your wallet address via trustwallet (find the plus sign on the top right, then type SRK’s initials in the search field) or Download Sparkpoint wallet at Playstore
    • Screenshot of QRCode on wallet and upload it
    • Enter your SparkPoint address at
    • First and Last Name
    • Finished, you just have to wait for KYC at Approve.


  • The maximum file size that can be uploaded is 1 mb, bro
  • Must Pass KYC for Entry Bonus
  • Balance Directly Enters Wallet & You Can Withdraw And Sell
  • Market Bitmart, Hotbit, P2PB2B

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