Sperax Raises $4.7 Million in One Hour During Public Token Sale

The Sperax (SPA) public token sale is complete. Sperax was able to get a tremendous community support from investors around the world. The $4.7 million token was sold out in 3,100 successful transactions in one hour. Reaching the hard cap, the total sales amount is 4.7% of the SPA token supply.

Public sale of the SPA, which is carried out on our website sperax.io, reaches and exceeds the max limit in less than an hour. There are two crash, due to heavy traffic, public sales portal ps.sperax.io managed to weather the crisis and finally welcomed 3129 new SPA holders, who collectively purchased 235 million tokens for $4.7 million.

Unprecedented success, the sale will allow sperax to increase community support. Then sperax stepped into the launch of testnet and mainnet. Proceeds from sales will only be used to build and expand the Sperax network.

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