Sperax’s Smooth Step, Gets $6 Million Funding With Leading Investors

Built with the BDLS protocol, Sperax offers high-performance modules that are more secure than other BFT-based protocols, such as Cosmos Tendermint, Polkadot Grandpa, and Ethereum Casper.

Sperax issued two tokens, SPA and stable coin, to enable a truly decentralized economic ecosystem and incentivize developers to join. Our native multi-currency and fiat stablecoin SCOIN is a first in the public blockchain ecosystem. This lowers the barrier to blockchain adoption. The SPA token is a utility token for the Sperax blockchain. It fuels the ecosystem and reflects the value of the network; The SPA gives token holders the right to set up in the system.

This May brings out latest papers, Sperax: An Approach to Defeat Long Range Attacks in Blockchain, has been accepted at the top-ranked computer science conference of the IEEE Infocom Symposium Edgeblock workshop. In paper this, sperax introduces smart hardware to the Proof of Randomness consensus protocol as the first PoS blockchain to actually address the inherent vulnerability of the PoS consensus protocol, simulated attacks costless based on Long Range Attacked.

In January, Sperax raised over 6 million USD in an initial funding round. With leading investors including Outlier Ventures, FBG Capital and Newstyle Capital. We also have Ryan Zurrer, Former Partner at Polychain and Web3 Foundation, as our advisor.

In March, Sperax launched its first public sale on Cobak. The largest cryptocurrency community in Korea, with an allocation of 200K USD sold out in less than 20 minutes.

Testnet Sperax was released in early August this year.

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