StellarF Airdrop | Register and Get 100 STR (~53 XLM)

StellarF Platform Review

StellarF as the name implies is a token that is on the stellar blockchain network (xlm) chain, this token has a vision MONEY CAN MOVE LIKE EMAIL The Stellar platform connects banks, payment systems, and people. StellarF is a non-profit community run by people who love the Stellar coin and share knowledge.

Our Powerful Features Welcome Bonus 100 Instant STR 15% of the total will be distributed to people who register for an account.

Earn from Referrals Refer your friends to and earn 100 STR for every friend who signs up. No transaction fees With transaction fees close to zero, STR Tokens can be used for micropayment transactions.

Global Transactions Send and receive money using simple usernames or emails Move money quickly With the average ledger time for the Stellar network is 3-5 seconds (Nearly instant), Money (STR) can be transferred like email.

Simplicity & Security Stellar’s atomic multi-operation transaction model leads to more auditable code, limits uncertainty, and reduces the risk of harm from malicious actors who might exploit program vulnerabilities. To participate is quite easy, please refer to the steps below,

StellarF Airdrop | Step by Step

  1. Click to the website for registration
  2. Login using facebook or email (manually) and verify via email
  3. Automatically your account will be filled with 100 STR after successfully created
  4. Invite friends for more STR coins


  • Register and get a free 100 STR Welcome bonus
    1. Jul 2022-Dec 2022: 100 STR
    2. Jan 2022-Jun 2022: 50 STR
    3. Jul 2022 – Dec 2022: 25 STR
  • StellarF Referral Program: Invite your friends to StellarF and Earn 50 STR for every user you refer!
    1. Jul 2022-Dec 2022: Earn 100 STR for every user you refer!
    2. Jan 2022-Jun 2022: Get 50 STR for every user you refer!
    3. Jul 2022 – Dec 2022: Earn 25 STR for every user you refer!

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