Success in Many Countries, This Digital Asset Exchange Enters the Indonesian Market

The popularity of crypto assets in various countries continues to increase, moreover, the higher prices make these assets an option to invest. In Indonesia, the name of crypto assets, one of which is Bitcoin, has been heard quite often. According to data from, the number of crypto asset users in Indonesia increased by 12.6% in July. This makes Indonesia ranked third as the country with the largest increase in crypto asset users behind Peru and India according to the data.

Getting crypto assets or digital assets in Indonesia is not a difficult matter. Because there are already many exchanges that provide buying and selling services for this asset. One of the exchanges that is present to enliven the world of digital assets in the country is Remitano.

Presents Instant Buying Service in Many Countries

in 2015 Remitano has expanded its Bitcoin transaction services to Nigeria, Kenya, and Tanzania. The presence of Remitano in these countries is able to provide benefits to the local economy and also increase the adoption of digital assets, especially Bitcoin there. To date, Remitano has successfully provided digital asset trading services in 30 countries with more than 1.5 million users.

The exchange is also one of the largest trading platforms for crypto assets in Malaysia, Nigeria and Vietnam. Some of the other Countries that the Remitano platform supports include Cambodia, Ghana, India, Kenya, Singapore, South Africa, Tanzania, United States and many more.

After being successful in many of these countries, now Remitano is present in the Indonesian digital asset market with a unique system. Because it presents a buying and selling service system like a marketplace that brings together buyers and sellers on the platform. The buying and selling process here is very appropriate if the user wants to sell or buy crypto assets without having to follow the market price

In order to facilitate the transaction process of users in Indonesia, the stock exchange which is a product of Babylon Solutions has provided deposit and withdrawal services using Rupiah. This will allow users to send funds for buying and selling and looking for crypto assets directly into Rupiah currency with an easy and fast bank transfer method. In addition, in this transaction no additional fees are charged by Remitano, only fees are given from the bank used by the user.

Benefits Remitano Offers

Although the system that Remitano carries is quite common in Indonesia, this exchange guarantees the safety of its users. One way is to use an escrow service that functions to save funds from unfinished transactions. So, if the transaction has not been confirmed by both parties, the funds will be stored in Remitano first and will be released if the seller and buyer have confirmed the transaction. In addition to security, this escrow service plays a role in minimizing misunderstandings between sellers and buyers of crypto assets.

Trading Fees at Remitano

Then, the fees for processing deposits and withdrawals using Rupiah are free, Remitano also provides a 0% fee for trading. This low-fee advantage will last until October 31, 2022. The exchange has also reduced the deposit fee to 0 for crypto coins on the platform which will make user fees for transactions on Remitano lower and cost-effective than ordinary P2P exchanges.

Giveaway Remitano
Giveaway Remitano

The exchange also provides 24/7 customer service to help users get to know the Remitano platform and make transactions easily. The exchange, which has been established since 2014, also provides many bonuses, prizes or gifts giveaway with attractive rewards. One of them is the existence of an affiliate program with a commission of more than 40%. Which can be used to get additional funds to invest in cryptocurrencies.

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