Super Blockchain-Agnostic Protocol with Multiple Ecosystem Advantages Defi

As blockchain technology develops and trust in the traditional financial system decreases, various parties are increasingly being pushed to make new breakthroughs through the DeFi (Decentralized Finance) project.

The DeFi-based cryptocurrency coins themselves are in high demand. The high interest in the DeFi project has led to higher crypto transaction fees and other challenges. glitch comes with a new breakthrough as a solution to the various challenges of the DeFi application.

What are Glitches?

Glitch is a blockchain-agnostic super protocol that has been specifically designed to facilitate various untrusted money market conditions.

Its goal is to become the cornerstone of a decentralized financial infrastructure. Glitch is also the first DeFi smart contract platform specifically designed to be a global alternative to traditional financial systems.

This project also provides solutions to various problems that have been a challenge for DeFi projects such as lower transaction fees. Of course, Glitch also provides easier access for its users as well as dApps that will run more effectively and efficiently.

Glitch is built on the ERC20 platform which will later be on the Glitch blockchain itself. And now, Glitch is also integrated on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC/BEP20) platform. This is done to increase the liquidity and interoperability of the Glitch crosschain. This has been in effect since April 29, 2022. Moreover, as we all know, BSC is currently popular and is one of the solutions for high shipping costs.

What about the Token Sale, Distribution and Glitch Rewards Program?

Glitch provides solutions to several problems that arise from third parties. In this case, the Glitch platform was created to optimize DeFi in the form of bridges that allow for the integration of scalable DeFi ecosystems.

Glitch carried out a token sale in January with the following details:

  • Symbol : Glitch token symbol is $GLCH
  • Period : Monday 11 January 2022, 06.00 am PST (12 hours last).
  • Quantity : 8,888,888 GLCH (10% of total supply).
  • Price : $0.09 (100% unlocked tokens)
  • Purchase: Using USDT or USDC
  • Hard cap: $800,000
  • Platform : Token sale is done at

The distribution of GLCH tokens is carried out with the following mechanism:

  • 8,888,888 GLCH: Allocation of GLCH to War Chests used for ecosystem, network, and adoption including community building, development, auditing, as well as bug bounties.
  • 8,888,888 GLCH: Sale in Seed Round, price per GLCH $0.03375
  • 35,555,555 GLCH: sale in Private Round 1, price per GLCH $0.0675
  • 8,888,888.8 GLCH: sale in Private Round 2, price per GLCH $0.07875
  • 8,888,888 GLCH: allocation for public sale, price per GLCH $0.09
  • 4,444,444 GLCH: allocation for marketing.
  • 13,333,333.2 GLCH allocation for teams & advisors.

Glitch also conducts an LP reward program in the form of rewards for users who interact with the Glitch protocol. A total of 888,888 GLCH, i.e. 1% of the total supply) is allocated for this rewards program. This LP Rewards program is in the second phase which is an extension of the first program (check details:

What is GLITCH Decentralized Exchange (GEX)?

Currently, decentralized exchanges are one of the solutions to the problems that arise regarding centralized exchanges. However, today’s decentralized exchange platforms are still experiencing some problems. As well as hacking, high costs, and mismanagement.

That’s why GEX comes on top of the GLITCH protocol which is an open peer-to-peer platform. GEX allows users to carry out various trading activities and transactions more quickly, safely, and of course at lower costs. GEX focuses on realtime operational processes on very fast consensus DPoS on the Glitch blockchain. Glitch uses Automated Market-making which has various features such as inclusiveness, profit sharing, and also community stakeholders.

Where Can I Buy GLCH?

Currently, GLCH has been traded on several leading exchanges such as KuCoin, Pancake Swap, Uniswap, 1iNCH, and several other exchanges that can be checked through the Coin Market Cap platform.

Good news, currently Glitch will also soon be listed on the top 5 leading DEXs. And one more good news for GLCH fans in Indonesia, GLCH was just listed on the Indodax Marketplace a few days ago – the largest official cryptocurrency exchange platform in Indonesia.

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