Taurus Airdrop | Register and Get 500 TRT Token

Taurus Airdrop – TRT (Taurus Chain) gold jewelry industry ecological token, through blockchain technology to achieve product traceability, information chain, data sharing, supply chain intelligence, transaction digitization and asset securitization.

Through TRT transactions and circulation, TRT tokens become the universal digital asset of the gold jewelry industry ecology, and through blockchain technology.

To encourage a centralized community and a variety of application scenarios, to build a complete value chain of the whole ecology, to realize user consumption behavior to inspire and platform development to create mutually beneficial community relationships.

Greatly empowered the global development of gold jewelry business and pioneered a new era of this industry. Initiated by the British Taurus Foundation.

For those who are interested in joining please follow the steps below,

Taurus Airdrop | Step by Step

  1. Fill in the form here
  2. Complete all the tasks
  3. Referral id enter ( @Firsyah17 )
  4. Done


  • Taurus is already listed on Hoo Exchange
  • Taurus is already listed on CoinGecko

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