TerraCredit Airdrop | Register and Get 11 CREDIT (~$11)

TerraCredit Airdrop Review

TerraBit is working with international credit card processors to introduce a mobile companion card for our Terrabit wallet. The virtual card will allow wallet users to spend their cryptocurrency anywhere bank cards are accepted.

Terrabit is in the process of becoming a third-party issuer, which means we will be able to link physical and virtual cards to external stores of value. This is the crux of the matter as the Team has the intention to make the CREDIT wallet the proposed store of value. However, this differs from the current guidelines set by VISA.

Despite this fact, Terrabit have put forward their ideal proposal and are waiting for a decision to navigate forward. There are various approaches to achieving the ideal scenario and we will explore each option to ensure that the card can be issued via Terrabit by early 2022

TerraCredit Airdrop | Step by Step

  1. Click the link to BOT TerraCredit
  2. Join Channel and Group Telegram
  3. Register to TerraCredit Website
  4. Download TerraCredit App
  5. Follow twitter and retweet TerraCredit’s pinned post
  6. Follow Facebook TerraCredit
  7. Follow Youtube TerraCredit, like a video and share it on your social media
  8. Follow Youtube Advetizer, like and share TerraCredit videos to your social media
  9. Join Telegram Advertiser
  10. Follow Twitter Advertizer and Retweet Post TerraCredit


  • Airdrop is limited to 4000 participants.
  • TerraCredit will soon be a token swap. New CREDIT tokens will be distributed for this campaign. The list price of the new CREDIT token exchange will be 1 CREDIT = $1
  • The reference program has no limits.
  • Some fake or fake accounts are not allowed and they will be removed.
  • Airdrop tokens will be distributed to your Terrabit or Android App account after August 10, 2022.
  • You must continue to follow the tasks you have participated in until the distribution of the CREDIT tokens is complete.

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