THDax Exchange | Register and Get a Total Chance of 1000 USDT

THDax Exchange – THDax trading platform is a global digital currency trading service provider, headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Under the supervision of the Malaysian government and obtaining legal operating qualifications. The THDax research development and operations team was formed by a group of early blockchain investors, senior trading experts and international financial analysts.

Its advantages in good user experience and supply of high quality assets, based on independent research and development of distributed architecture and high intelligence matching engine.

Choose mainstream digital assets and high quality ecological projects around the world to provide rich trading options. THDex will provide various function guides and operation teaching for beginners, which will enable first-time users to easily master the use of digital trading tools.

THDax airdrop 1000 USDT to new users. To receive this airdrop. Create an account at THDax, make a deposit, make a transaction and login once using their app to receive 2 USDT. Also, Participate in “Become a THDax Wizard” campaign to earn more USDT for free.

THDax Exchange | Step by Step

  1. Click “List” to register at THADax and verify your email address. (5 USDT, mandatory).
  2. Make a deposit and make transactions. (1 USDT, Optional)
  3. Entered into THDax app one time (+0.5 USDT, Optional)
  4. You will receive 2 USDT.
  5. Participate in the campaign “Become a THDax Witch” to earn up to 1000 USDT.
  6. Click here to know more about this airdrop program.

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